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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We are in the last week of July already!  And still not much rain for our area, though some places have received much needed moisture.  Many things are on my mind today and I feel reluctant to address them somehow.  First is the sadness of having to end my dog's life last week when she became overwhelmed by illness.  She had been with me 14 years and her passing is leaving a big hole in my heart and life. 

Other things that I try to follow are the current impasse in our nation's capitol and the trials and suffering of the people in Somalia.  We humans seem bent on self destruction at times and we might ask, "Where is God?"  Why does he let us behave so badly?  Another question is "Why do we choose to behave so badly?"  Are we truly seeking God's ways?  How often we forget that God is in charge as we try to push our own agendas.  We fail so many times in our love for all of God's creation.  We like to play what I call the "who's better than who" game.  I try to keep in mind that I am not better than other people, nor are other people better than myself.  God is present and dwelling in every being.  When we exhibit hatefulness toward anyone we are really hating God.  And it has just occured to me how much I need to remember this in my own life and thoughts.

Dear God, dwell in our hearts, guide our thoughts and desires, help us listen to you and lead us in your truth.  Bless us with the peace of Christ and give us hearts of love.  Thank you, O Lord for all that you have given us.  Amen.  

10:48 am est

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Closer Walk
Sunday found me at Ogden Presbyterian Church celebrating last week's Vacation Bible School.  We shared the songs and lessons with the gatherred congregations of Ogden Presbyterian, Spencerport First Congregational and a few of us from OBC.  It was a lively service with skits, games and the children up front leading the songs.  If I could have been in two places it would have been nice to be here also and hear Gail's sermon on the parable of the sower.  Much praise and worship was happening at all churches drawing people together for service and celebration.  

This morning I had a solitary celebration as I took a walk around the area.  I was delighted to spot an Indigo Bunting even if it was only a fleeting glimpse.  The music of bird song accompanied me as I walked and in several spots wild rabbits were enjoying the dewy grass.  Clouds and sun overhead drew my eye to the heavens and thoughts of God in all things.  A new day has dawned and the presence of God welcomes all of us and encourages us to share love in everything we do.  There are many things we don't and cannot understand.  For myself, it is often enough to know that God does understand and holds all our lives close to him.  Often is not always and many questions arise:  What is the source of so much anger and hatefulness in the world?  Where does anger and hatefulness dwell within me?  What about wars and poverty and murders and thieving?  Can we humans ever live in a way that fosters peace and equality and caring for one another world wide?  God knows, though I do not.  May you who read these musings live in peace and love for all of God's creation.  May the peace of Christ be with you today and always.  Amen.

10:02 am est

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Heat
Wow, has it been hot!  Our picnic on Sunday was held under a tent in back of the church, which was a good thing because of the hot sun.  All had a good time and enjoyed a wonderful array of food; hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, fruit salad, watermelon, jello, potato chips, pasta salad, and a dessert table loaded with brownies, cake, berries, cream puffs, and pie.  Yum! 

With all this heat and dryness the gardens and flowers need extra watering.  Some places get too much rain and others not enough.  Here in the Rochester,NY area it has been hot and dry with no significant rain so far for the month of July.  We keep farmers and gardeners and the orchards in prayer as the hot, dry weather affects the crops.  At my house we have black raspberries that grow wild.  Though they like it dry and hot it has been a little too much so.  The ones with more shade are faring better than those with constant sun.  The summer is a glorious time of year and we enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available now.  God's blessings of nourishment are abundant this time of year and we give thanks for all that he gives and the people who work to provide it.  The season will fly by so today my prayer is that all your summer doings and vacations are full of joy and peace and thankfulness for the good things God gives you.  Rest in the comfort of the Lord in all that you do.  May the peace of Christ be with you every minute, every day.  Thanks be to God.  Amen

3:16 pm est

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Thoughts
Gail is at the Baptist Peace Fellowship Summer conference for a week of learning through July 9.  The theme is "So you must forgive..." and you can learn more by going to www.bpfna.org/conference.  I am very interested to hear all about the events and sharing that Gail will bring home. 

We have been greatly blessed with beautiful sunny weather this past weekend and apparently more for the coming days.  Yesterday, a neighbor offered me some Black-eyed Susans she was thinning from her flowerbeds.  This gave me a project for the day of digging and planting.  One area that I am working is near the road by a stone wall that is overgrown with wild grapevines.  I dug and chopped at a section to clear a space for my new acquisitions.  Root systems are amazing!  Those wild grapevine roots are eternal.  I can chop and shorten but I will never completely destroy them.  I imagined them under the pavement of the road waiting for an opportune time to take over again.  Our strength also comes from our roots.  Where are our hearts rooted?  I try to be rooted in God's eternal love and draw on that strength and power.  My new plantings need water and attention right now until their root systems recover from the digging up and replanting.  Attention and nurturing are importatnt for strenthening those new to the church and for all of us who would share God's love.  Feed your roots and grow in God's love.  May the peace of Christ nurture you throughout the week.  Amen.    

11:32 am est

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Beginners Yoga Class
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Gentle Iyengar Hatha Yoga
Classes include guided breathing, stretching,
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Yoga with Linda
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March 2018 calendar

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Sunday, Mar 4  - Sunday School 9:30a
                           Worship 10:55a   Communion                       
    Monday, Mar 5 - Chair Yoga 10:00a
                 Yoga 1 5:30p & Yoga 2 7:00p
    Tuesday, Mar 6 -  AA meets 7:30p
    Wednesday, Mar 7 - Kid's Faith Discovery 6:30p
                                Bible Study  6:30p
    Thursday, Mar 8  -  Laurel Guild 7:00p
Sunday,  Mar 11 - Sunday School 9:30a
                         Worship 10:55a 
    Monday, Mar 12 - NO Yoga 
    Tuesday, Mar 14 - Deacons & Trustees, 6:30p
                               Church Council, 7:30p
                              AA meets 7:30p                     
    Wednesday, Mar 14 - Kid's Faith Discovery 6:30p
                                        Bible Study  6:00p
Sunday,  Mar 18 -  Sunday School 9:30a
                         Worship 10:55a 
   Monday, Mar 19 - NO Yoga 
   Tuesday, Mar 20 - AA meets 7:30p
   Wednesday, Mar 21 - Kid's Faith Discovery 6:30p
                                 Bible Study  6:00p                    
Sunday,  Mar 25  -  PALM SUNDAY
                       Sunday School 9:30a
                         Worship 10:55a 
    Monday, Mar 26 - Chair Yoga 10:00a
                 Yoga 1 5:30p & Yoga 2 7:00p

   Tuesday, Mar 27 - AA meets 7:30p
   Wednesday, Mar 28 - Kid's Faith Discovery 6:30p      
                              Bible Study  6:00p
    Thursday, Mar 29 - Maundy Thursday Service 7:00p
    Friday, Mar 30 - Good Friday