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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August begins
August!  The final full month of summer.  Back-to-school sales.  Vacations, picnics, swimming, and baseball games.  Many from Ogden Baptist attended last night's baseball game at Frontier Field between the Rochester Red Wings and the Buffalo Bisons.  It was a beautiful night and the choir and friends enjoyed singing "God Bless America" for and with the crowd.  Alas, the Red Wings did not win the game but a good time was had by all. 

Backing up briefly to Sunday, many of our congregation worshipped with three other local congregations at Ogden Presbyterian Church with Touch of Brass Jazz ensemble leading the service.  They call themselves a Sacred Jazz Ensemble and only play worship/church events.  It was a joy filled service full of music, stories and Scripture.  The emphasis was on sharing with those in need when we find we have more than we need ourselves.  This leads me to ask the question, "How much is enough?"  How do we learn the difference between needs and wants?  Our culture often seems to encourage profligate ways and dwells on whether some people are deserving of the things they have on the one hand or of the things other people are given (if they qualify) on the other hand.  God gives to all without requiring any paper work to see if they qualify.  Jesus came and loved the poor and the outcast, the needy and the lost.  Whether governments can do the same is debatable, however, churches certainly must seek to show the kind of love that Jesus shared.  I would personally love to shed my tendency to judge others.  I need to focus more on my prayer life and less on my eating schedule.  Please pray for me that I may grow in love. 

May the peace of Christ rest with all in the coming week.  May Jesus' love dwell in our hearts and be poured out to those who have need.  Amen.    

10:24 am est

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Chair Yoga
Designed for those who find it difficult to sit on the floor.
Mondays at 10:00a

Beginners Yoga Class
Mondays from 5:30-6:30p
Gentle Iyengar Hatha Yoga
Classes include guided breathing, stretching,
postures and relaxation.

(mats and blankets provided)

Yoga with Linda
A more advanced yoga class
Mondays at 7:00p
All classes are $8 each per session
 Wear loose comfortable clothing to all classes
Contact church office for more info

a festive booth at the Tea & Craft Show

Meetings, events, and activities
at Ogden Baptist.
See the Newsletter for further information!

All singers are welcome! 
December practices, Wednesdays at 7:00p

decorating for Christmas

December Calendar 2017

December 2017  
Saturday, Dec 2 - Open House, 2:00-4:00P, 
                        meet pastoral candidate
Sunday, Dec 3  - Sunday School 9:30a
                           Worship 10:55a   Communion                       
Congregational Meeting follows worship - vote on calling Rev. Iaquinto
    Monday, Dec 4 - Chair Yoga 10:00a
                 Yoga 1 5:30p & Yoga 2 7:00p
    Tuesday, Dec 5 - AA meets 7:30p
    Wednesday, Dec 6 - Kid's Faith Discovery 6:00p
                                Bible Study 6:00p                             
Sunday, Dec 10 - Sunday School 9:30a
                         Worship 10:55a 
 Congregational Meeting follows worship - budget meeting
    Monday, Dec 11 - Chair Yoga 10:00a
                 Yoga 1 5:30p & Yoga 2 7:00p
    Tuesday, Dec 12 - Deacons & Trustees, 6:30p
                               Church Council, 7:30p
                                       AA meets 7:30p                     
   Wednesday, Dec 13 - Kid's Faith Discovery 6:00p
                                Bible Study 6:00p
   Thursday, Dec 14 -   Laurel Guild Christmas Party 6:30p   
Sunday, Dec 17 -  Sunday School 9:30a
                         Worship 10:55a 
   Monday, Dec 18 - Chair Yoga 10:00a
                 Yoga 1 5:30p & Yoga 2 7:00p

   Tuesday, Dec 19 - AA meets 7:30p
   Wednesday, Dec 20 - Kid's Faith Discovery 6:00p
                                Bible Study 6:00p
Sunday, Dec 24  -  Sunday School 9:30a
                         Worship 10:55a
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, 7:00p 
    Monday, Dec 25 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!
   Tuesday, Dec 26  - AA meets 7:30p
   Wednesday, Nov 27 - Kid's Faith Discovery 6:00p
                                Bible Study 6:00p
Sunday, Dec 31  -  Sunday School 9:30a
                              Worship 10:55a
                            HAPPY NEW YEAR